The president word

Welcome to the associative travel world… of 2019.

La Passion du Voyage, created in 2014, is happy to greet you and offers, to all the people animated by the taste of travel, beauty, unpublished, trips and diversified stays, guided tours, conferences…

The Café Passion, created in 2016, invites you to meet us every third Thursday of every month from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Restaurant L’Ancienne Douane, 6 rue de la Douane in Strasbourg. The varied themes of the futures meetings will be announced.

The Repas Passion, created in 2017, is a very special moment of conviviality, a moment to gather around a lunch during the changes of season.

Passion Culture, created in 2018, is a meeting for fans of exhibitions and cultural discoveries. The calendar will be based on the actuality of the events.

New in 2019:TheMini-séjours Passion in addition to the traditional one-week trip in September, are 2 or 3 days trips offered during the year and represent a lot of opportunities to discover uncommon places.

Your acquaintances and your friends are welcome at our various events.

La Passion du Voyage is really happy to reveal the 2019 program which, we hope, will make you spend a lot of pleasant days and make great discoveries… This program could also be enriched with your suggestions…

By joining the association, a membership card will be given to you. It will allow you to take part in the various events. A welcome gift will also be offered.

Thank you for your interest and have a good trip!

Welcome to the association La Passion du Voyage which has for motto : conviviality, good mood and exchanges.

Passionately yours,

Jean-Yves Josserand

Founding President

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